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Have you set your sights on a new BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, AUDI or any of the other car makers on the market today?

Are you dream to own your own car, but how are you going to pay for it? Do you need financial assistance?  Does all the paperwork, rules, and conditions that the banks insist you comply with make it seem too hard to go ahead? Your search is over as you just landed on the perfect place to find most affordable and flexible car loan quote or comparison schemes to match your needs.

We understand that different people have different financial backgrounds and still want to own a car. Understanding this practical situation, in particular, we offer our financial assistance under three major categories;

General Car Loan

If you have no trouble whatsoever with your credit history and possess a steady monthly income, you can easily obtain a new vehicle loan or used car finance under this category. Our attractive loan schemes will allow you to purchase either a brand new car or a used car no matter if it is a dealer or a private seller at the most competitive rates possible.

Auto Refinance

You’re paying off your current car loan and find that the going is a bit tough. Then auto refinance may well be the perfect option for you.
Given your current loan payments are up to date, we may be able to refinance your current car loan and reduce your repayments to make life much easier for you.
A simple phone call and one of our representatives will walk you through the auto refinance facility and have you enjoying your car without the worry of high payments. We will support you through the process and you will enjoy your cheap car loan with the lowest interest rates and the easiest payment plan that we can provide.

Bad credit Car loan

You’ve got bad credit history? Do you want to get a car? Our car loan broker, Melbourne department will help you get a pre-approval for your proposed purchase.
How? With our expertise in the finance industry and the effort, we put into your scenario we will have the maximum opportunity to get you approved for car finance for the lowest interest rate despite the fact that you have a bad credit history.

It is very important that you get the best car loan available. New car loan rate varies from dealer to dealer and everybody tells you, they have the best car finance available.

Beware when comparing Car loan rates you may need to confirm that the best new car rate you may be quoted by your dealer is not at the expense of your ability to negotiate the price of the car. You should also consider the term of your loan and the monthly repayments offered by the various dealership loans.

Get Cheap Car Loan

At Mortgage Leaders we are not biased to any lender and will provide the best car finance loan at lowest interest rate. We have the expertise and desire to provide you with the best deal for used car combined with car finance that will provide you repayments that will allow you to enjoy ownership of your next car.

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